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Tracey is Awesome!
Luminere spa is a hidden gem in the city located in the prime location of Lincoln Park. It has wonderful services that are very affordable. Great prices for a college student, like me! Each time you walk in you are welcomed with open arms. The atmosphere is very calming and makes you feel so relaxed and serene. Luminere is dedicated to making your experience truly enjoyable and relaxing, which it always is! I love it here so much I recommended this spa to all my friends and family!
— Ashleigh M. – Chicago, IL
Tracey is THE BEST. Seriously. Not only is she an amazing waxer, tweezer, slougher, and masseuse, but she’s an all around great person. I was fortunate to meet Tracey on my recent trip to Chicago. I was visiting Partners in Wellness and there was a sign for Luminere, and I was in need of her services (it is the winter, after all). It was just pure luck that she happens to be fabulous, has incredibly reasonable prices for the quality of her work, and is fun to be with. I’ve been around the block when it comes to trying spa services, and I can honestly say that the quality of Tracey’s work is bar none compared to her prices. Ladies (and gents) - if you’re on the hunt for professional, well-established, wonderful, moderately-priced waxes/facials/massages, go to Luminere!
— Julie E. – Los Angeles, CA
Get the facial!
I loved the whole experience, it was very relaxing and she did a great job on my skin. The hour just flew by! I will definitely be a repeat customer.
— J.S.
I just came back from my first facial at Luminere and it was wonderful- it’s amazing what Tracey can accomplish in just 20 minutes! I have very sensitive skin, but Tracey was able to extract a ton of blackheads and comedones without leaving any of the terrible red marks I usually get with extractions. It was obvious that she considered my specific needs during her assessment and treatment, instead of relying on a routine for all facials (which I’ve felt elsewhere). And to boot she’s also super personable and so sweet! I seriously can’t believe the miracles she worked in my quick 20 minute facial... I can’t wait to go back! And considering how reasonable the prices are (for the quality of treatment, it’s a total steal), I won’t have to feel guilty about treating myself.
— Ashley K. – Chicago, IL
Excellent, really
I had a fantastic wax. Non-awkward conversation throughout kept my mind off the process. My only issue was that I paid by credit card and there was no place to indicate an amount for the tip. If I had known I would’ve said beforehand that I wished to tip xx amount. I also didn’t have any cash so I left without tipping! I feel bad because she did a great job.
— E.G.
Tracey is Awesome!
I started coming to Luminere over a year and a half ago and have come to Luminere once a month for a massage and facial ever since. I love coming in. It’s so relaxing and Tracey takes her time and makes sure you feel great. She explains everything she’s doing and uses the best products. She’s amazing and I will never go anywhere else for a facial or a massage. I’ve told all my friends about her. :) Tracey has also become a friend as well. Super nice!

— Linda