How It Works

First things first. We complete an evaluation of your current skin care concerns and challenges. Then, we schedule a time to meet online and we get prepped just like an in-person facial. That's it. Super easy. After we set the date, you're almost finished.

Just prior to our appointment, you'll receive your products and supplies in a skincare package designed for your individual skin needs based on your expressed concerns and conditions.

At the time of the appointment, you'll create a sanitary space, preferably in the washroom where there is a water source. You’ll set up your portable professional tabletop steamer and your products.

During our facial, I will then guide you through the process, walking you through each step of the way. There's no pressure on you whatsoever. Concluding, we will examine your skin together and outline our regimen changes, if any, through post-consult for our next session. Good skin care is all about the consistency of exfoliation and cellular turnover so we'll want to get you set on a great weekly regime.

That's it. You've got beautiful, glowing skin without leaving your home.